Services - Rasco Tamp


Together with the production of new valves RASCO - TAMP also offers the reparation and overhaul of faulty valves.

We accept the reparation of other manufacturers valves with nominal pressure up to PN 63 and dimensions up to DN 2200. To enable reparation, an essential requirement is that the main parts of the valve (housing, cover) are not broken or seriously deformed. We can produce and replace all other parts, if necessary. Before starting the reparation, we perform a detailed defect inspection of parts and planned operations, and compose the appropriate written documentation on the basis of which we create an offer. In order to verify that the operations were carried out properly, each valve is tested on the manufacturer’s test bench according to EN 10266 standard Part 1 and Part 2. Based on the test, we issue the certificate of quality EN 10204 3.1. The data on installed parts are entered in the certificate, together with the appendix on the embedded materials. The company is specialized in the repair of pumps and pumping sets in drainage pumping stationsfor water treatment for irrigation or drainage, together with the overhaul of the complete installation with built-in shutters. So far we have performed a complete overhaul of many drainage pumping stations throughout Europe. Pump before and after the overhaul - Lipac

Timely repairs can extend the life of the existing installations and delay the need for more extensive investments.

RASCO - TAMP has the means and know-how required to perform a high-quality repair of valves that will allow a long-term safe and reliable operation of the installation.