Industrial pumps we offer are an excellent choice in case In case of floods, groundwater efflux and similar situations requiring rapid mounting and commissioning of the pump at a place where there is no possibility to connect to the electrical network.

Pumping plant MPA 525 is a mobile pumping engine-generator, fully assembled and ready for use. It has been designed for easy use and due to its relatively small dimensions and weight of only 1900 kg the device is convenient for manipulation at flooded terrains.
The pump is centrifugal with horizontal inlet line. Discharge line of the pump is placed vertically with a possibility to turn it by 360°.

The rotor of the pump is semi-axial with an open front plate. At the rear plate of the rotor, there are blades serving to decrease the axial load. In the inlet line, there are direction blades serving to improve the water stream. Transfer of the engine power and revolutions to the pump is carried out via reducer.

All of the said characteristics make our industrial pumps rather efficient in fighting against floods at all terrains and in all conditions.

Reducer and bearings of the pumping plant are lubricated with oil. The pumping station is equipped with non-return butterfly gate (rubber/metal sealing) and with own deaerating system. The pump base is fixed to the engine casing and the inlet line.

The pumping plant is one integrated system mounted on the base, and it can be transported by trailer or other means of transportation, and there is a possibility to mount it on a pontoon. The device dimensions are adjusted for transportation in a truck trailer with mounted winch.