NON-RETURN VALVES are pipe check valves that are used in pipe systems for stopping operating fluid backflow.

These valves allow the operating fluid flow in only one - particular direction, and upon the cessation of flow, the disc is closed thereby preventing backflow. Non-return valves are used not only for sewage but also in thermal power, hydroelectric power plants. Non-return valves are mainly used for non-aggressive fluids, but we can manufacture non-return valves for aggressive fluids with the use of other materials.

Advantages of non-return valves are multiple, and some of them are the ease of use, complete cessation of the backflow, easy construction, and longevity.

Quality and versatility of the non-return valves offer

Besides the possibility of manufacturing non-return valves from different materials, we also offer all kinds of non-return valves such as non-return butterfly valves (butterfly check valves) and swing check valves.

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