Gate valves are widely used in public facilities for water supply, sewage, and heating, as well as in energy facilities for producing steam, hot water, compressed air, etc, in metallurgy for coke-oven gas and gaseous fuels, in the petrochemical and chemical industry, shipbuilding, and other branches of economic activity. The gate valve can be seamlessly installed in both main and technological pipelines wherever special measures are implemented to prevent the loss of energy during transport, especially the transport of liquids. In the closed position of the wedge, the flow of the operational substance is stopped, and the pipeline sections are hermetically separated.

In the open position of the wedge, the smooth flow of the operational substance with relatively little loss of energy is ensured. The application of valves is particularly recommended in the pipelines in which they are fully open or fully closed during operation. The direction of the operational substance flow can be arbitrary, and even variable.

Gate valves are a type of pipeline valves which isn’t suitable for regulating the operational substance flow.

Their function is a complete and stable closing of the flow of substance within the pipeline, and that makes them an excellent choice for chemical plants, irrigation systems, as well as the water supply facilities.

Gate valves tailored to customers’ needs

There are several types of gate valves, depending on the casing / welded shape, the flat gate valve, oval gate valve, round gate valve, and knife gate valve. We offer all types manufactured to meet EN/DIN standards, and if necessary, they can be manufactured in compliance with ANSI or GOST standards. The Materials we use are in accordance with our clients’ needs so that it’s possible to manufacture gate valves which can withstand the temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius.