Butterfly Valves for Different Purposes

Butterfly valves are widely used in public utility buildings of water, sewage and heating systems, in energy facilities to produce steam, hot water, compressed air, etc., in the petrochemical and chemical industry, shipbuilding and other branches of economic activity.

Butterfly valves and their implementation

Butterfly valves are installed in both main and technological pipelines wherever care is taken of the energy losses during transport, especially the transport of liquids.

Their advantage is practicality, safety, and perfect control of fluid flow. In the closed position of the disc, the flow of the operational substance is stopped, and the pipeline sections are hermetically separated. In the open position of the disc, the smooth flow of the operational substance with relatively little loss of energy is ensured.

We offer the following types of butterfly valves: Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves and Tripple Eccentric Butterfly Valves.

We comply with the latest EN requirements, 2014/68 EU and other standards, and our experience in production, equipment, as well as our expert team, allow us to include in our offer the production of butterfly valves according to specific standards, as well as from different materials.